You know all the monsters from scary stories? They're totally real, but they're just trying to get by like the rest of us. DPA employees Jenny Hicks and Scott Power, led by Director Greg LeGrow, are the civil servants dedicated to dealing with the ordinary problems of extraordinary beings. Scott does things by the book, Jenny's never read a book, and Greg couldn't care less what either of them does - but they'll all have to work together if they're going to keep the paranormal world safe.


60 minutes; 6 Episodes

Paranormal Comedy

Michael Peterson

David Feehan
Jessy Ardern

Don Depoe
Michael Feehan
David Feehan

Executive Producer:
John K. MacDonald

David Feehan
Nancy Ngo
Donovan Workun

Coming to Amazon Prime Video in Canada through Hollywood Suite starting July 1st.

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U.S. and International Release details expected soon!

Produced with the support of the Alberta Government, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Canadian Government, and Edmonton Screen Industries Office.