Songs From A Northern Town Mike Plume

Recorded at Sumet Studios in Dallas Texas.
April through May of 1993.
Released in November of 1993
Produced by Philip Barrett, Gene Eckhart and Mike Plume

Mike Plume: guitar and vocals
Gene Eckhart: piano, B3, Fender Rhodes and other assorted keyboards
Will Arisman: bass guitar, saxophone and backing vocals
Mark Hershon: drums
Steve McAuliff: guitars
Earle Clark: pedal steel and dobro
Paul Harrington: harmonica
Trish Wight: backing vocals
Linda Bishop Stoll: backing vocals
Jomal Mohamed: percussion

Cover photo by Pierrette Plume

With the exception of the song “Something Or Someone To Hold” (written in December ’88) and the song “Eldorado and the 12:15″ (written in February 93), the bulk of these songs were written in 1991 and 1992.
But hey, you gotta start somewhere and this was my starting point.
I can hear the excitement in my voice when I listen to it now.
If I could talk to that guy today, oh the things I’d tell him.
The first thing I’d say would be, “Take it easy, buddy, you’re not working on a cancer cure. Don’t take it so serious.”.
Another thing I’d say would be…
“It’s gonna be a longer road than you could ever imagine…”

Mike Plume


01. Ain’t That the Truth – 03:30
02. Has Anyone Seen Benny? – 03:19
03. The Eldorado and the 12:15 – 04:10
04. Crazy After All – 05:01
05. A Million Miles Away – 03:47
06. Something or Someone to Hold – 04:52
07. Kept on Dancin’ – 03:29
08. The Rebound – 04:02
09. Everything’s Alright – 03:53
10. Eyes like Roadmaps – 04:03
11. Daisy’s Dream – 03:08